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Baby blanket with 3 burp cloths

Provide blanket scenery and is typ of material and we will create it. 

For example: PawPatrol scenery and material Cotton; Elephant scenery and material Polyester; Farm Animal scenery...


Get it personalized Firt Name and inital letter of last Name embroidered or vinyl burned onto the material (Included)  


  • NOTE: Because our products are handmade, the color or size of one item from another may be slightly different.


If you need assistance please contact our store.

Baby Blanket with 3 Burp Cloth

  • Items that are not personalized can be returned at the customer’s expense.  Sorry, but you can not return personized items. You have 30 days from purchase date to return non personalized item for a full refund minus the shipping cost.  If it is an error on our behalf, please email us or call us.  Our contact information is provided on our website. 

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