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Artists' Night!

Updated: Jun 19

Join Us for an Evening of Art and Creativity!

This summer, we are hosting a pop-up gallery for one evening only, and you’re invited to the celebration of creativity – Culpeper Art Gallery Show!

Discover Local Talent: Wander through our curated spaces and immerse yourself in the diverse works of local artists. From paintings to sculptures, each piece tells a story of inspiration and passion.

Meet the Artists: Most of the talented individuals behind the masterpieces will be present, offering you a unique opportunity to get to know their artistic journeys. Engage in meaningful conversations and learn what drives their creativity.

Art for Sale: Fall in love with a piece? Take it home! All showcased artwork will be available for purchase. Support local artists and find that perfect statement piece that speaks to you.

Reserve Your Space: Are you an artist looking to share your creations? Contact Gisela Carper (540) 321-4133 to secure your spot in our gallery. Discuss space arrangements and commission details to ensure your art shines.

We can’t wait to see you there, where creativity knows no bounds and every brushstroke captures imagination! Saturday, July 13. 4:00 pm.

105 N. Main Street (upstairs) Culpeper, VA 22701

a girl starting her artwork on a blank canvas
Artists Night at Omas Creative Corner

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